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Warrior: Macro Guide

Zygor's Warlords of Draenor Guides

By: Jon

Warrior Macros: Jon shows you the best warrior macros for PvP and teaches you how to use them.

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  1. Pensador says:

    You still have Inner Rage within your Deadly Calm macro, but it can’t be used at the same time.

    I would like to add some macros, but i am using the german client, so you have to replace the german spell names with the english ones.

    My heroic leap macro also cancels hand of protection. If you play with a pally in Arenas, RBGs oder just rnd BGs and he BOPs (hand of protection?) you and it is safe to go offensive again, you don*t have to manually right click the buff in your buff list. You could also add this to your Battle or Commandin Shout, but i have it bound to my heroic leap.

    #showtooltip heldenhafter sprung
    /cancelaura hand des schutzes
    /cast heldenhafter sprung

    This is my interrupt macro. If i bladestorm and it is important to get a kick off quickly, i don’t have to press two different buttons. You have cancelaura bladestorm bound to your bladestorm macro. If you have to kick a cast, you must press bladestorm button again and then the interrupt button. With this macro you have to press only one button. I also have shift as a modifier bound within this macro for getting a pummel on my focus target. For example if the healer is standing near my current target or if i follow my target and pass my focus target who is casting something, i don’t have to switch targets. If i press this button with shift hold down, it will kick the cast of my focus target and i can still keep DPSing my current target.

    #showtooltip zuschlagen
    /cancelaura klingensturm
    /cast [nomodifier:shift] zuschlagen
    /cast [modifier:shift,target=focus]zuschlagen

    I am using more macros, but i just wanted to add some.

  2. drsqueakers says:

    I think that a more efficent macro for focus charge would be
    /cast [target=focus] Charge
    but i also managed to have my focus charge and focus throwdown in the same macro so the finished product looks like this:
    /cast [target=focus] charge
    /cast [target=focus] throwdown
    this way when a target is in range of your throwdown it will do that, otherwise it will charge onto them, spamming it will charge, then throwdown.
    I also did the same thing with my regular charge and hamstring to free up binds, plus my cancelaura bladestorm is in that too, i like to do this to free up binds
    #showtooltip charge
    /cancelaura bladestorm
    /cast charge
    /cast hamstring
    plus i think its super important for any warrior to have a cancelaura macro, to stop important buffs from being spellstolen, or stoping you from doing damage
    /cancelaura recklessness
    /cancelaura bladestorm
    /cancelaura hand of freedom
    /cancelaura hand of protection
    those are just a couple of additional macros that i thing you guys may want sry for any spelling errors

  3. Pensador says:

    Thank you Drsqueakers for your interesting looking macros. The idea to free up binds looks kinda nice.

  4. supra596 says:

    Very important question:

    Ok so everybody goes on about “Focus Target Charge” So if i make my charge do this.. its going to CHARGE my focus target right? what if i want to charge my current target? then what

  5. Pensador says:

    No, Maxion. You don’t need two different binds. If you press the key normal, it will charge your current target. If you press the key with your modifier hold down, it will charge your focus target.

    /cast [nomodifier:shift] Charge
    /cast [modifier:shift,target=focus]Charge

  6. Tychus says:

    Hey Jon,

    i have a two qestions one is im useing a razer nage mouse aswell and was wondering how you where able to add a shift modifer to your nagas buttons. I have a few shift shift modifer macros that work with my keybored but when adding them to the nagas bar they no longer work. second question os there a way to macro spell reflect with mass spell reflect? if so can you provide the macro?

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