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Top Tier Comps: Redefining Viability in Cataclysm

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By: Bobross

Top Tier Comps: Redefining Viability in a Cataclysm Context


Just today Vanguards posted a pseudo blog type thing (not sure what to call it) on Arena Junkies highlighting the top tier 3v3 combinations in arena. The post really had no point but to present objective data without any subjective claims. What I mean by this is the post essentially was to just show the top three comps on each BG without making any sort of obvious claim as to what the top comp actually is. I understand that he was hinting at RLS being the most common comp but I find such a subtle opinion to be unfulfilling.


I hope to use the rest of this blog to give my opinion on what the best comps ACTUALLY are and provide reasonable support for each claim. Unfortunately, I can’t be fucked looking at data and comparing statistical evidence of comp viability over time (in other words, I am not going to be Diziet) but instead I will base my opinions on my experience playing on KT.


With that in mind, here are my top 5 comps of Season 11 in no particular order:


Mage Lock Shaman

  • The amount of control this team has is remarkable. With two spammable CC’s and with every player having a sort of spell interrupt, it is unlikely that an opposing team would easily beat this composition.
  • The burst damage provided by the mage in combination with the spread pressure of the warlock makes this team deadly for healers. When the healer isn’t sitting in CC chains they will be using every GCD topping up their team.
  • This team can easily kill healers. A properly set up deep freeze → howl can leave a healer helpless as they are being bursted with high damage icelances.



  • Insane mongoloid damage.
  • Both DPS have self heals – WOG, Lich Healing
  • High uptime on targets – Freedom on DK, Rets move 15% faster and can dispel slows on themselves
  • Clutch defensive cooldowns only allow windows in which a team can score a kill – Bubble, AMS, AMZ, BoP, Pain Sup
  • The ability to train healers – What I hate about teams like this is there really isn’t ANYTHING good to trinket while they train you. HoJ is better than anything else but if you do trinket the HoJ, you will get put into a Strangulate → Ghoul Stun. Fuck that.



  • Obviously, amazing spread pressure – Can kill multiple targets at the same time.
  • Two AoE howls provide amazing peels on healer.
  • Amazing dispell protection through UA/VT
  • The ability to shut down enemy casters – 1 Blanket Silence, 1 CS, 1 Interrupt


Ret/Rogue/Hunter – Thug Cleave – Ret/Rogue/DK

  • I should really be separating Thug Cleave from 3x dps but the damage output on both comps is absolutely ridiculous. Hunters get a nearly guaranteed crit in opener and provide 20% AP to an already high damage rogue.
  • Also fuck the CC from both teams. Trinket 8 second trap JK 8 second Blind into a scatter into a silencing shot into a stun.



  • Amazing control
  • Amazing damage


So there you have it, that is my list for top 5 comps of Season 11 (I know I grouped two comps but I really wanted to include both on this list while keeping it at a beautiful top 5).


As one final thing, I should add that you can’t just run some of the above comps and expect immediate success. RLS is a comp in which amazing players will do amazingly well but mediocre players might struggle.


I will cover the above claim in a future blog so be ready for that.






  1. Babypuke says:

    WLD is so OP man <3

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